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Mini Interview With Holistic Nutritionist Elissa Goodman

This week we asked Holistic Nutritionist & Lifestyle Cleanse Expert Elissa Goodman to share her nutritional wisdom with our M Café community! Elissa is the original developer of our signature RESET cleanse. In our mini interview, we asked about the RESET’s ideal timing and benefits, and got her advice about how to properly transition and adjust your life post-cleanse.


M Café: What is the best season/time of year to do the M Café RESET cleanse?


Elissa Goodman: There is no “best time” to do the RESET Cleanse. It is beneficial year-round. A lot of cleansers like to RESET as each season changes, but we find that the time that seems right for the individual is the right time. There are many purposes for cleansing at different times of the year. 


MC: Besides the weight loss and energy boosts you'd expect to get from such a cleanse, are there any other positive effects the RESET cleanse might produce?


EG: Actually, weight loss may be one of the most common reasons people cleanse, but the real benefits go WAY beyond just weight loss. Physically, many cleansers notice skin glow and brighter eyes within the first week. However, I believe that one of the best side effects of cleansing is the renewed sense of commitment the cleanser has to their well-being. Cleansers often report feeling more in tune with their body and their hunger, coming away with an intrinsic sense of what feels right within their diet. This heightened sense of connection is part of the “RESET” that one feels post-cleanse. In addition, we’ve had cleansers report that their digestion was better, sleep was improved (both the ability to fall asleep and the quality of sleep achieved), and their inflammation decreased (inflammation is a root cause behind illness and disease).  RESET can also be very immune supportive, providing energy, mental focus, and positive mood all while reducing cravings for “bad” foods like sugar, refined carbs, and a heavy animal protein diet. 


MC: Should you change your diet after doing the M Café 5 Day RESET cleanse?


EG: No, but with that being said, I highly recommend it! The RESET Cleanse is a great way to learn how frequently to eat, what to eat, and the portion sizes to follow moving forward. Think about the frequency of your meals and how you felt afterwards during the cleanse, and then attempt to replicate that within your daily routine. I recommend that you limit animal protein in general, but if you absolutely must then you should try to limit it to once a day (ideally sticking to high quality, 4oz portion sizes). With vegetables, you should aim for 6-10 servings per day. A green juice or superfood greens protein powder smoothie is a great, easy way to reach that target! It’s also important for you to limit your intake of refined/added sugars (25 grams/day for females, 35 grams/day for males). Dairy and gluten intake really depends on the individual. If cutting those out felt good during your RESET, it certainly wouldn’t hurt you to continue doing that post-cleanse! We also recommend that you stick to high quality, healthy fats like olive oil, avocado oil, avocado, wild salmon, nuts, and seeds.


If you can eat this way 80% of the time and make room 20% of the time for your indulgences, you will really extend the benefits of your cleanse!