M Café

Introducing Our Miso Salmon-Avocado Macromaki!

Now available at M Café Melrose, our Miso Salmon-Avocado Macromaki. It is designed to make your meal simpler and quicker to grab & go; as well as giving you the perfect combination of nutrition and satisfaction. We start off our Maki with our Japanese style heirloom brown rice, adding fresh avocado, delicious miso-marinated Faroe Island salmon, tamari braised hijiki, and fresh cucumber. Top that all off with our delicious nori seaweed wrap. Tamari gluten free soy sauce is avaliable for an intensely satisfying combination of textures and flavors.


View the video below to see how easy and quick it is to enjoy our tasty Macromaki!


Come in today to try it for yourself!