M Café

Introducing Our New Probiotic Bowl!

Now available at both M Café  locations, our new probiotic bowl is designed to give you the perfect combination of nutrition and satisfaction. We start off our dish with our chewy sweet brown rice, adding fresh avocado, teriyaki marinated tempeh, and a broccoli-asparagus saute. Top that all off with our delicious carrot-ginger sauce for an intensely satisfying combination of textures and flavors.


Our probiotic bowl is naturally rich in enzymes, proteins, plant-based fats and complex carbohydrates with the help our our house-made, lacto-fermented kimchee and our organic cultured natto soybeans. The bowl also comes with a matcha-spiked shio koji, an umami-rich condiment bursting with the same gut-friendly bacteria used in the production of traditional Japanese fermented foods such as miso, sake and soy sauce.


Come in today to try it for yourself!