Reset + Cleanse

renew. recharge.
RESET for 2016!

Living in LA, surrounded by stress at home, anxiety in your career, all weighed down by lack of sleep and relaxation, could it ever be possible to have the energy it takes to lose those 10 pounds keeping you from feeling gorgeous in your bathing suit?

Wouldn’t you rather feel fit, healthy, trim, vibrant and beautiful walking down the beach? Why suffer from the anxiety of taking off your clothes, when you could be thrilled to strip down this summer and show off your vibrant healthy and glowing skin.

Join Holistic Nutritionist, Elissa Goodman and M Café’s world renowned chefs, Masakazu Yamato and Lee Gross. Together they have brought Elissa’s extensive experience creating life changing cleanses for people ranging from top professionals to those who have the hardest job, moms with kids. Elissa’s revolutionary cleansing is combined with M Café’s cutting edge Macrobiotic menu to bring you exactly what your body needs right now to be its best.

Cleansing RESETS your metabolism, strengthens your immune system, eliminates sugar and carb cravings and transforms your mood to expose the most beautiful version of yourself.

For the same amount of money you’d otherwise spend for food during an average work week get yourself a nutrient dense, revitalizing food and juice program to RESET your palette and set yourself up for success.

We hear from our M Café Cleansers they are shedding pounds, but, more importantly, they feel more energized, happier and fully alive! That’s what happens when you nourish yourself with the foods your body, mind and spirit really need instead of trying to satisfy the cravings advertisers, huge food companies and the “fast food” world want you to buy into.

Start taking real care of your insides, and watch your outside transform. RESET your life and unveil your beautiful body this summer.

Close your eyes. See your beauty. You will get there with this M Café Cleanse Program by Elissa Goodman.



The 5-day program is geared to RESET your body, mind and metabolism to help you look and feel your best!

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