What is Macrobiotics?

Immune to the diet fads and “health-food hype”, Macrobiotics has stood the test of time as a common-sense approach to diet and lifestyle. With a theoretical foundation rooted in traditional Oriental medicine, many people have found success with using Macrobiotics to recover from a serious health condition. However, its wider application is general health maintenance. Macrobiotics can be used by anyone looking to stay well, look good, and live long. This is why alternative health practitioners and celebrities alike have embraced it as a way of life.

As a dietary approach, Macrobiotics stresses the importance of whole, natural foods eaten in season, and as minimally processed as possible. It is important to note that Macrobiotics is not a raw-foods diet. While some raw foods are recommended, they are enjoyed as part of a wide, varied diet that includes cooked whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and some animal foods. It is widely accepted that people in good health need healthy amounts of good food. Macrobiotic dietary principles offer clear, rational guidelines for balanced, healthful eating.